XXV QUIXOTE MARATHON, October 24, 2021










Art. 1. Introduction

            The 25th Quijote Ciudad Real Marathon, 10th Ciudad Real Half Marathon and 6th 10K. of Ciudad Real, will be held on Sunday 24 October 2021 at 9.30 in Ciudad Real.


Art. 2. Start line and schedule

            The race will start at 09.30 from an area around the Rey Juan Carlos Sports Center, Juan Ramón Jiménez Street. The maximum time to complete it will be five hours for the marathon, two hours and 30 minutes for the half marathon and one hour and 15 minutes for the 10.000 meters race. The race will be regulated by the corresponding Federations. The finishing line is at the athletics tracks in Rey Juan Carlos sports centre


Art. 3. Course

The Marathon course will be 42,195 meters long; 21,097 meters for the half marathon and the 10,000 meters for the 10k course. This race will be under the RFEA (Spanish Athletics Federation) Road Race Rules. The course will be signposted and the end of each kilometre will be marked both on the road surface itself and on signs by the side of the course.

The track of the races will be controlled by the Referee Association of Castilla La Mancha Community.



Art. 4. General information.


For further details or information:


              PO Box 184/13080 / Ciudad Real – SPAIN
              Tel.: +34 639.066.985 / +34 645840991
              E-mail: /



Art. 5. Services available to participants.

At the start, finishing line and at the sports Centres Rey Juan Carlos and Príncipe Felipe there will be all kinds of services:

               Changing rooms
               Medical and nursing care
               Medical vehicles



Art. 6. Registration dates and fees.

            Participants must fill in the registration form on-line at   The entry is valid after the payment is made through the secure payment gateway of our website. After the payment, an email will be sent to the participants to confirm the registration is valid.

                                         MARATHON       MEDIA MARATHON            10 KM

Until September 15:             30 euros                 15 euros                       12 euros
Until September 30:             40 euros                 15 euros                       12 euros
Until October 11:                  50 euros                 20 euros                       15 euros

No registrations will be accepted after October 11

These prices do not include the Day License (€ 5 compulsory for marathon and € 3 for Half marathon and 10 km for runners who do not have the national license -RFEA-, regional license of Castilla La Mancha -FACLM- or license runner´s plus, in force).

Regarding the Federated Championships, the provisions of the regulations of the corresponding Federations will be followed.

Registration fees will be reimbursed 50% in case of injury, after justification to the Organization by Medical Official Receipt, up to a month before the date of the marathon.

In the case the race is suspended the registration fee will not be returned.




Art. 7. Payment



Art. 8. Contact of confirmation or correction of errors

            The Organization will only contact with the participants if it is necessary request any information or report any organizational issues.

After the registration, the Organization will send an email to the participants in order to confirm the registration and identification details.


Art. 9. Date to collect the numbers

            The number and the chip will be collected the day before the marathon, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the old Casino in Ciudad Real, at Caballero Street nº3, or any other place indicated at the time.

            Race numbers can only be collected on the same day of the event from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at Principe Felipe Sports Centre by those athletes who indicated it previously to the organization when filling the registration form.


 IMPORTANT:  The number shows the publicity of the sponsors, therefore must be worn on, the torso and be visible. Any athlete who fails to do so may be disqualified.


Art. 10. Categories in the different races

The 25th Marathon of Ciudad Real, 10th half Marathon of Ciudad Real and 6th  10K of Ciudad Real will be open to whoever whises it, without distinction of condition, nationality or sex, as long as the have reached the age of 18 on the day of the event.

            Only in the race of 10K may participate 16 year-old runners with written authorization of parents or guardians.

The following categories are stipulated in the 25th QUIJOTE MARATON:

CATEGORIES                        MALE AND FEMALE

Senior                                    From 18 to 34 years old
M35 - F35                              From 35 to 39 years old
M40 - F40                              From 40 to 44 years old
M45 - F45                              From 45 to 49 years old
M50 - F50                              From 50 to 54 years old
M55 - F55                              From 55 to 59 years old
M60 - F60                              From 60 to 64 years old
M65 - F65                              From 65 to 69 years old
M70 - F75                              From 70 to 74 years old
M75 - F75                              From 75 to 79 years old
M80 - F80                              From 80 years old or older

             Classifications will be established for all categories, with the prizes and trophies that are indicated below.


Art. 11. Categories in Federated Championships

The categories in Federated Championships will be given according to the regulations of RFEA and FACLM.


Art. 12. Prizes.

The following prizes are established.

                     MARATHON                                                 HALF MARATHON                

            MEN                    WOMEN                          MEN                      WOMEN

1º.-   1.000,00 €         1ª.-   1.000,00 €               1º.-  500,00 €          1ª.-  500,00 €
2º.-      500,00 €         2ª.-      500,00 €               2º.-  300,00 €          2ª.-  300,00 €
3º.-      300,00 €         3ª.-      300,00 €               3º.-  200,00 €          3ª.-  200,00 €
4º.-      200,00 €         4ª.-      200,00 €               4º.-  100,00 €          4ª.-  100,00 € 
5º.-      100,00 €         5ª.-      100,00 €               5º.-    50,00 €          5ª.-    50,00 €          


Art. 13. Time records for the prizes


            To get 100% of the prize in the clasification of the Marathon, it must be set less than 2h. 25’00” in the male category and less than 2h. 55’00” in the female category.

            To get 50% of the prize in the clasification of the Marathon, it must be set less than 2h. 35’00” in the male category and less than 3h. 10’00” in the female category.

            To get 100% of the prize in the clasification of the Half Marathon, it must be set less than 1h. 09’00” in the male category and less than 1h. 22’00” in the female category.

            To get 50% of the prize in the clasification of the Half Marathon, it must be set less than 1h. 13’00” in the male category and less than 1h. 26’00” in the female category.

            The prizes will be given after the publication of the definitive classifications and the results of the anti-doping control have been received.

            To get the payment of the prizes, the winners must send to the Organization, their names and surnames, a copy of the identity card, and the IBAN code of the bank account  where the transfer or the amount of the prize will be made.


Art. 14. Local Category. Metallic Awards for MARATHON

            Participating athletes in the Marathon born or residents in Ciudad Real will be entitled to the following prizes.

                             100 Euros for the first classified
                               75 Euros for the second classified
                               50 Euros for the third classified

There will be no limit time into this local category.


Art. 14.1. Special prize for clubs

Spanish jam and cheese for the 3 clubs with the most athletes arriving at the finishing line at the marathon.
Spanish jam and cheese for the 3 clubs with the most athletes arriving at the finishing line at half marathon.
Spanish jam and cheese for the 3 clubs with the most athletes arriving at the finishing line at the 10K.

Participants will register individually, stating the Club they belong to.

Ii is optional for the clubs to provide the organization with a register of the participants before 1st October, stating telephones and emails for possible communications.



Art. 15. Trophies will be given to the winners as follows:


Top Three classified
Top Three in each category
Top Three among the home clubs


Top Three classified
First in each category

   10 KM.

Top Three Classified
First in each category


Art. 15.1. .Complains.


            All the classifications meet the rules and regulations of the Board of RFEA and FACLM Chief Referees.

            Written claims related to the results of classification with prize or trophy must be presented 30 minutes before publishing the official results to the Chief Referee including 50€. This amount remains as deposit until the claim is resolved, during the convenient time to make the necessary checks. Only if the issued ruling takes into consideration the written claim, the deposit will be refunded.

            Any other written claims should be sent to and addressed to the Chief Referee before the Wednesday following the race.

            The organization will communicate the decisions to the Chief Referee, or those corresponding to the organization itself, within a maximum period of 10 days, from which the classifications will be considered final.


Art. 16. Obligation to withdraw prizes and trophies

It is mandatory to withdraw the prizes and corresponding trophies in the closing ceremony. If not, they will LOSE THEIR RIGHTS.



Art. 17. Application for registration data by the organization

            The organization may at any time request the accreditation of the data outlined in the registration form. The irregularity or falsification of data will cause disqualification.

Art. 18. Accreditation of identity by the participants.

Any athlete who receives a prize in metal or a trophy must prove his or her identity through a passport or ID card if the organization deems it appropriate.



Art. 19. Medical services

            The organization will have specialized medical services in the points of departure, arrival and during the running.

Art. 20. Decisions of medical services and trial judges.

            The medical service and the referees of the competition are entitled to withdraw during the running any athlete who, in their judgment, manifests a physical state that may be detrimental to their health.

Art. 21. Identification for athletes with medical problems

            Any runner with medical problems, such as allergies or others, may request from the organization a label with a red cross, stating the problem on the back and wearing it in a visible place for more control and information in case of medical necessity.


Art. 21.1. Doping control.

            According to IAAF regulations, doping control will be carried out on the runners assigned by the representatives of the AEPSAD. The runners will present themselves to the doping control provided with a social identification document. The refusal to pass the doping control supposes the automatic disqualification for all purposes.



Art. 22. Causes of disqualification.

The referees will be entitled to take participants out of the running if:

The athlete who does not complete the race course.
The athlete whose race number is not visible or folded.
The athlete whose race number is manipulated with advertisement.
The athlete who is running using the race number from another athlete.
The athlete who finishes without race number.
The athlete who does not pay attention to the Referees’ indications.
The athlete whose behavior is unsporting.
The athlete who refuses a doping control.
The athlete does not wear the Organization’s chip.


Art. 23. Loss of rights due to disqualification

            The disqualified runners will lose all options to the prizes in cash and trophies as well as to be taken into account in the corresponding classification.



Art. 24. Points of supply

            There will be food pints every 5 kms starting at kilometer 5 and refreshments and sponges points every 5 kms starting at kilometer 7.5, compliant with the RFEA and IAAF Rules and Regulations.


Art. 25. Personalized supply.

            Those athletes who require a personalized supply of liquids or food at the points of supply should notify and handle their petition to the Organization the day before the race when receiving their race numbers.



Art. 26. Participation insurance.

            All participants officially registered will be covered by a civil liability insurance policy, agreed by the organization, which will cover incidents that occur as a direct result of the development of the running and never as a result of a suffering or latent tare, recklessness, negligence, non-observance of the laws and articles of the regulation, etc.

            The organization declines all responsibility for the damages that the participants in this running may cause to themselves as to other people for the causes previously mentioned.



Art. 27. Gifts to the participants.

                All enrolled participants will be given sports equipment and a running bag with gifts when they remove their bib number, as well as a bag of supplies to all those who arrive at the finish line.

            The diploma and the photos of arrival and race can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE from the official website days after the race.

            All participants in the 25th edition of the Quixote marathon will receive, upon crossing the finish line, a commemorative medal.



Art. 28. Place and time for the awards ceremony

             It will be held in the grounds of the sports center Rey Juan Carlos, Ciudad Real, at the following times:

6th 10K of Ciudad Real, starting at 12 am

10th Ciudad Real´s Half Marathon, starting at 12:30 am

25th Ciudad Real´s Marathon, starting at 13:45 pm



Art. 29. Acceptance by participants of the transfer of data and images for purposes related to the activity.

            The participants accept the diffusion, recording and distribution of images and videos taken during the course of the race and give their consent for QUIJOTE MARATON, ADAD, by itself or through its sponsors or third parties, to treat via computer technology and exclusively for sports, promotional or commercial purposes, their personal data, as well as their image within the race through photographs, videos, etc.

            All the runners for the fact of making the registration accept the publication of their name in the classification of the race, in the means of communication and / or internet.

            In accordance with what is established by Ley Orgánica 15/1999 13th December, of data protection, the participant may exercise their right of access to these files in order to rectify or cancel their content in whole or in part. To exercise this right you must request in writing to the registered office of QUIJOTE MARATON, ADAD, post office box 184, Ciudad Real.



Art. 30. Acceptance of the regulations by the participants.

            All the participants, for the fact of starting the race, accept and sign the Disclaimer of Responsibility and Data Protection, assuming the present regulations and the norms of the RFEA and IAFF. In case of doubt the criterion of the organization will prevail.

            This race is included in the official calendar of the Real Federación Española de Atletismo and by means of its registration, the runner expressly consents that their basic deeds are transferred to this entity for the processing, before the insurance company, of the compulsory insurance of accident and civil responsibility as well as the management of the day license and popular ranking of road tests. In any case, and as established by the data protection law, the interested party may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in the future by writing or by e-mail addressed to the Real Federación Española de Atletismo, Avenida de Valladolid, 81 – 28009 Madrid. Email:



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